Last Word

The game is played in a similar manner than the alphabet game. In this case player A makes a statement and player B creates a following statement starting with the last word of the first player’s statement. Small, grammatical changes are permitted for the sake...

Questions Only

Team A and Team B have 2 persons each. The host rings out people who hesitate or do not ask questions. In turn, Team A and B carry on a conversation using questions.


A scenario is given A scene is played in 60 seconds. It is played again but in 30 seconds this time. Then in 15 seconds Then 5 seconds 1 second

They Said

Quick fire game 2 players at a time (A and B) A makes a statement and B replies the phrase “they said” and then gives an action which A must enact. Then B makes a statement and so on and so on Maybe buzz out people if they take too long? Example:            A: I hate...

Quick fire topics

horrible pick-up lines places not to sun bathe reasons to get drunk why I hate cucumber name of new political parties excuses not to go put with the trash unfortunate pet names reasons to be late the real reason why penguins can’t fly things to do with a pencil the...