Two teams, two persons and go through a quickfire rhyming of words

Last Word

The game is played in a similar manner than the alphabet game. In this case player A makes a statement and player B creates a following statement starting with the last word of the first player’s statement. Small, grammatical changes are permitted for the sake...

Questions Only

Team A and Team B have 2 persons each. The host rings out people who hesitate or do not ask questions. In turn, Team A and B carry on a conversation using questions.


A scenario is given A scene is played in 60 seconds. It is played again but in 30 seconds this time. Then in 15 seconds Then 5 seconds 1 second After workshopping in person, decided it’s better to play the scene in 30, 15, and 5...

They Said

Quick fire game 2 players at a time (A and B) A makes a statement and B replies the phrase “they said” and then gives an action which A must enact. Then B makes a statement and so on and so on Maybe buzz out people if they take too long? Example:            A: I hate...