Party Quirks

Quirks are collected from the audience on slips of paper. Three quirks are given to the players; 1 audience member can be included. Player A is having a party and each of the other players is “rung” in by the host. Each player must stay at the party until...

Divided States of Improv

Placards with states of emotion are placed on the floor. Each player must take on the state of emotion when on the placard. The host will tell when to move during game play by saying “move”. If this is done during a sentence, the player speaking must...


The audience is asked for sentences on slips of paper. Player A and Player B are given the slips of paper. They carry out a scene presented by the host and use the slips of paper in the dialogue. The players cannot read the sentence prior to using them. There should...

I thought of that

Host arranges a bag of props that none of the players has seen. There are 2 players. A scenario is given in which Player A has packed a bag and periodically pulls out a prop to answer a need, help, or solution. The host ends the game.

Props to You

Host arranges a prop that none of the players have seen. All players join trying to find as many uses for the prop in 60 seconds. The host presents the prop, sets the timer, and ends game play.