Fool me twice

One line is given to the players that has its basis in a real news story. The players will make up a story to fit the line. The audience then deicides whose story is closest to the actual news story.

That sounds like a song

This game is for 3 or 4 players. The host gives a scenario and selects the minstrel. As the skit progresses, the minstrel interrupts saying “That sounds like a song!” and songs a short ditty. Host ends gameplay. The minstrel needs an instrument or sound...

Divided States of Improv

Placards with states of emotion are placed on the floor. Each player must take on the state of emotion when on the placard. The host will tell when to move during game play by saying “move”. If this is done during a sentence, the player speaking must...

Two Lines

A game for three players. Player A and Player B are each given 2 lines of dialogue. They can only say these two lines. Player C can say whatever he likes. A scenario is given to the players. Host ends the game.

Customer Service

A person (Karen) calls customer service for some predefined reason by the host. The caller is then transferred to department to department. Customer Service announces the next representative and the new department.   Notes on play: We started off doing this one...