One up

This game is for two people. They are given an initial situation and slowly try to one up the other person’s ailment/predicament/achievement. Gameplay ended by host.


The audience is asked for sentences on slips of paper. Player A and Player B are given the slips of paper. They carry out a scene presented by the host and use the slips of paper in the dialogue. The players cannot read the sentence prior to using them. There should...

I thought of that

Host arranges a bag of props that none of the players has seen. There are 2 players. A scenario is given in which Player A has packed a bag and periodically pulls out a prop to answer a need, help, or solution. The host ends the game.


This game is about acting out a little scene, being hampered by a sickness. The game is for two players, which act out a scenario given by the host or the audience. But while acting it out, they are hampered by a certain sickness. The actors draw their sickness,...

If you know what I mean

A scene is played where all statements are followed by the phrase “if you know what I mean” making originally innocuous statements suddenly seedy and inappropriate for COMEDIC EFFECT. The scenario should be either inherently awkward and/or suggestive (e.g. buying...