Props to You

Host arranges a prop that none of the players have seen. All players join trying to find as many uses for the prop in 60 seconds. The host presents the prop, sets the timer, and ends game play.  

Questions Only

Team A and Team B have 2 persons each. The host rings out people who hesitate or do not ask questions. In turn, Team A and B carry on a conversation using questions.


Audience chooses a letter (ex. G) In teams, Team A Person 1 says a sentence that starts with the selected letter (ex. G). Team B Person1 continues with a sentence that starts with the next letter (ex. H). Host rings out players if the letter is not correct or too long...


A scenario is given A scene is played in 60 seconds. It is played again but in 30 seconds this time. Then in 15 seconds Then 5 seconds 1 second

They Said

Quick fire game 2 players at a time (A and B) A makes a statement and B replies the phrase “they said” and then gives an action which A must enact. Then B makes a statement and so on and so on Maybe buzz out people if they take too long? Example:            A: I hate...