Bad hearing Bad eye-sight, blind Acne Allergy against polls, animals, food Tourette syndrome Stutter Sprained ankle Toothache Headache Diarrhoea Asthma Fever with hallucinations...

Habits or Quirks

Tourette syndrome Listening to far too loud music Has to a loud sex life (two neighbours necessary) Stores the rubbish in the staircase Doesn’t shower and stinks of sweat Let’s his/her dog pee everywhere

Sound Effects Scenarios

A makes the sound effects for B’s trip to the emergency room. A makes noises to B’s working on the farm. A noises and B is an airplane pilot. A makes noises and B is a kindergarten teacher.

Long situations

General scene starter You are a young, alluring lady and on Christmas eve you seduced Santa Claus on the chimney fur. Now he is late with the presents. You are a 20 year old girl and you are pregnant. You are a middle-aged man and you were caught red-handed having an...

Situation ideas

Hitting up someone at a bar A layer and an accused in court An ex-couple accidentally bumps into each other in a shop Two (actually) hens gossiping about an intrigue in the hen-house Two people whispering during a wedding At a boat-trip going wrong A confession at the...