General scene starter

  • You are a young, alluring lady and on Christmas eve you seduced Santa Claus on the chimney fur. Now he is late with the presents.
  • You are a 20 year old girl and you are pregnant.
  • You are a middle-aged man and you were caught red-handed having an affair with your secretary.
  • You stole the Christmas present meant for your brother.
  • You are middle-aged woman, and you are sure you heard a burglar in the basement.
  • You are an elderly lady and you do not know, how to phrase your will.
  • You are a young man and you have an exercise addiction problem.
  • You are a middle-aged man and you want to quit your job.
  • Phone call between friends/sisters/brothers/husband and wife‚Ķ..
  • Priest preaching in the church
  • Being in love
  • Thinking about how to cheat your husband/wife

2 person scenario

  • Annual review: Person A is coming in for his annual review at work. A’s normal manager is out sick, so B, who is a manager of another department is filling in.

3 person scenario

  • A and B are buying a pug from a notoriously famous breeder, played by C.
  • A is called to the principal’s office (B) and his mom, C, is there.