• This is a game about character acting and creatively building up a scene.
  • Player A starts to act out the scenario given by the host.
  • Then player A hands over to the next player B, by giving him/her the role in the family.
  • Player B hands over in a similar way, until every player is a family member.
  • Everybody, who has already a role in the family, can stay involved in the scene and dialog. It is not meant to be just a line of monologues.
  • The scene is ended by the host.

“I should have done as you always told me, grandma (Guro).”
“Do you have nothing to say about this(, Huw)? You are my brother.”

Notes on game play:

  • Because we are online, please call the actor by name. Under normal circumstances, there shouldn’t be any names.