• A scene is played where all statements are followed by the phrase “if you know what I mean” making originally innocuous statements suddenly seedy and inappropriate for COMEDIC EFFECT.
  • The scenario should be either inherently awkward and/or suggestive (e.g. buying condoms)
    • Alternatively, the roles can include one that is suggestive (e.g. plumber, delivery man)

Other phrases to use:

  • if you know what I mean
  • if you catch my drift
  • if you see where I’m coming from
  • if you feel me
  • if you follow me
  • if you get my gist
  • if you read me
  • if you understand my meaning
  • if you understand my way of thinking

Question variation if interaction is needed:

  • are you with me?
  • do you feel me?
  • do you get me?
  • do you read me?
  • do dig (me)?