The rehearsals for the January/February pantomime are under way!

Two nights a week from mid-October until the performance, the actors will meet for two hours to practice and learn lines. It’s a time that the actors focus on the task at hand. Up until the very last week, the actors have to use their imaginations to create a stage, props, scenery, and even an audience. For those of us who don’t participate in this part of the theatre, it may be hard to accomplish this! But the BATS performers are able to do just that!

Here are some photos of a rehearsal of one scene in the play. We’ve been lucky enough to have space from the International School in Stavanger. The room we are using is a racquetball room which is why there are black smudges everywhere.


BATS performers practicing with their scripts on the left and the director of the play on the right.

dw_2In the foreground, two BATS performers pretend to have a telephone; while in the background, two performers are “off stage”.


Some scenes require a lot of people to be onstage. It’s important that the performers mind the imaginary stage limits.


You can’t be afraid of sitting or lying on the floor! The rehearsals are active! People don’t just sit around and read their lines.

Now that you’ve seen the rehearsal shots, come see them perform live!