The Six Dancing Princesses

Written by Wendy Pagler

BATS Theatre presents the 2024 British panto. This panto was written by local playwright Wendy Pagler.

Get ready to meet King Stuffy, who keeps his daughters confined to the palace. Princesses Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday who really just wanna have fun. Queen Stuffy, who is away on a yoga retreat. Or is she? The talkative dog, Doggy Waggy, an evil fairy, and many more quaint, silly and mystical beings.

Tag along for an unforgettable evening full of jokes both for the kids and adults, an opportunity to let your kids use their outdoor voices inside and a chance to join in on a song or two!

You can watch the video produced by Stavanger Filmmakers on YouTube.


BATS Theatre performed The Six Dancing Princesses for 439 people over 4 shows from January 18-20 at Folken in Stavanger Sentrum. 

We received support from the Kulturrådet.