The Glass Menagerie

Written by Tennessee Williams

The Glass Menagerie is Tennessee William’s semi-autobiographical masterpiece. This poignant and funny memory play tells the story of an American family’s struggles during a time when the world appears to be descending into war. Amanda Wingfield is a former debutante who obsessively relives her glory days. Her daughter, Laura, is a terribly shy recluse whose future looks painfully bleak. Tom, Amanda’s son, is a frustrated factory worker who has been saddled with the burden of supporting his mother and sister following his father’s abandonment of the family. He wants desperately to escape his confines. To do this, he must find a suitor for his sister. The closest thing he has to a friend is a co-worker named Gio. He introduces Gio to his sister in hopes of being able to escape his situation without having to bear the guilt of leaving her destitute.


BATS Theatre performed The Glass Menagerie to a limited audience from May 20-22 at Spor5 in Stavanger Sentrum. 

We received support from the Stavanger Kommune in the form of a cultural grant.