The Masked Rider in How the West was Won(ky)

Written by Terry Thorpe

Continuing a nearly 40-year tradition, BATS Theatre presents the 2023 British panto. This panto was written by local playwright Terry Thorpe. The play was originally scheduled to be performed in Januay 2022, but was delayed due to the covid pandemic.

In the lawless town of Fumblewood, Dame Dillinger and her hapless son, Dick are doing their best to get by, despite the schemings of an evil rancher and his henchmen, hell bent on taking over the town. When the Fumblewood Stage and the Sheriff are ambushed, it falls to the hapless Deputy Dick to keep the peace. It seems all is lost until a mysterious masked stranger rides into town.

You can watch the video produced by Robertson Rojas Productions on YouTube.


BATS Theatre performed The Masked Rider in How the West was Won(ky) for  people over 5 shows from January 19-22 at Folken in Stavanger Sentrum. 

We received support from the Kulturrådet.