We had a sold out show Thursday night to a theatre full of Stavanger’s Cub Scouts, Brownies, and Beavers, and students from two local schools! We had a fantastic time and are sure they enjoyed themselves as well! We’ve had good feedback from audience members telling us they enjoyed the show at least as much as the kiddies.

Tickets are selling fast and we expect to see more sold out shows. We encourage you not to wait until the door to get your tickets as we hate having people turned away. This makes us sad but we cannot squeeze in more people than there are seats.

So, if you haven’t bought tickets yet, you can do it through BillettService. There are only 8 tickets left for Friday’s show! But we still have two shows on Saturday and one more on Sunday!

We hope to see you there cheering on the Hero, giving the Dame that extra support she needs, and booing the Villain for his evil ways!