BATS is emerging from a restful summer and we have some exciting activities planned for our members over the next two months. If you’re not a member and are interested, contact us!


We’ve got two workshops coming up – August 7 and August 12. First, we’ll be working on improvisation and comedia dell’arte. During the second workshop, we will be working on voice quality and projection. We hope to see several members at these workshops. If you have questions regarding the content and location, please send an email to us.

Upcoming Play!

We’re going to experiment with a play and dinner evening. This event is geared more towards BATS members and their friends and families. We’ll have 40 seats for a 3-course dinner with drinks. During the dinner, you will be entertained with a murder mystery! Everyone plays the sleuth and tries to figure out who did it! We’re excited about this event and its possibilities for BATS. The casting call is set for August 18 and 19.

Future Events!

We’re working with a local filmmaker to record a documentary about BATS, but more on that later. And we’re also working towards the planning of our annual panto. Also, more on that later.

It’s shaping up to be an exciting autumn for us and we look forward to your participation!