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What’s On?

2024 Season

Mulch and Snowflakes  – September 27-29 at Grottene // Folken

Auditions in September for the 2025 Panto

2025 Season

Arthur and the Knights of the Round-ish Table
January 16-18 at Folken – Storsalen

Spring play TBA


Room for Improvment: the Improvfessionals

Mulch and Snowflakes Reprise

Mulch and Snowflakes by Wendy Pagler is a production where problems arise when a theatre group are rehearsing their next play about the poet, Robert Graves. Will the actors learn their lines in time for the show? Will David be able to keep the cast together? Will Alice ever come to a rehearsal? Mulch and Snowflakes is also about coping with drama in real-life; exploring the different approaches of over-resilient Boomers and sensitive Millennials. How much mulch do we need? Is it better to ignore or to acknowledge your demons?

Tickets on sale in August. Performing at Grottene // Folken September 27-29.

Room for Improvment:
The Improvfessionals

BATS Theatre has branched out into a regular comedy improv show. The Improvfessionals are a small troupe of BATS Theatre members who rotate in the lineup for a monthly performance.

Check out a performance on YouTube while we take a summer break.

New performance dates coming soon!