The Plucky Little Cheesemaker: A Socially Distanced Pantomime

The Plucky Little Cheesemaker: A Socially Distanced Pantomime is the latest pantomime by Wendy Pagler written specifically for these corona times. 

More information soon.

Perfomances January 14-17, 2021 at Folken.

Oxytocin Actually

Oxytocin Actually, the latest play by Wendy Pagler, is a
comical, theatrical performance about the numerous
benefits of the hormone oxytocin.

More information soon.

Performances May 27-29 and June 3-5 in 2021 in Stavanger.

A Common Mortal

A Common Mortal is an upcoming collaboration between BATS Theatre and Dag Vagle. The play, written by Lisa Watson and directed by James Goldwater, will combine theatre performance with live music composed especially for the play. We are quite sure this will be a unique theatre experience in Stavanger.

More information soon.

Performances June 17-19, 2021 at Folken.

Room for Improvment: The Improvfessionals

BATS Theatre has branched out into a regular comedy improv show. The Imrovfessionals are a small troupe of BATS Theatre members who rotate in the lineup for a monthly performance.

Watch them at Påfyll Musikkstue on the last Friday of the month.

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