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What’s On?

2024 Season

Meteor Shower – June

Mulch and Snowflakes  – September 26-28 at Folken


Room for Improvment: the Improvfessionals

Meteor Shower

 BATS Theatre is excited to present “Meteor Shower,” a comedic play penned by the renowned Steve Martin!

In the serene valley outside Los Angeles, Corky and Norm are eager to host Gerald and Laura for a meteor shower viewing party. But as the evening unfolds under the starlit sky, it becomes evident that their guests may not be as they seem. In this wildly unpredictable dinner party, flirtations swirl, and sanity takes a backseat. Steve Martin infuses his signature absurdist humor into this play, bending reality and time to craft an unforgettable and hilarious experience.

Tickets are now available for purchase! Don’t miss your chance to experience this hilarious escapade on the following dates at Spor5:

June 7th at 19:30h

June 8th at 19:30h

Secure your seats today and join us for a night of laughter and surprises!

Room for Improvment:
The Improvfessionals

BATS Theatre has branched out into a regular comedy improv show. The Improvfessionals are a small troupe of BATS Theatre members who rotate in the lineup for a monthly performance.

Check out a performance on YouTube.

Performing at Blåveis on these upcoming dates:

  • February 25 at 18:30
  • April 28 at 18:30
  • May 26 at 18:30