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What’s On?

2024 Season

The Masked Rider in How the West was Won(ky)

Mulch and Snowflakes 


Room for Improvment: the Improvfessionals

Oxytocin Actually

Oxytocin Actually, a play by Wendy Pagler, is a comical, theatrical performance about the numerous benefits of the hormone oxytocin.

Tickets on sale now! Performances September 1 and September 2 at Folken. 

Room for Improvment: The Improvfessionals

BATS Theatre has branched out into a regular comedy improv show. The Imrovfessionals are a small troupe of BATS Theatre members who rotate in the lineup for a monthly performance.

Check out a performance on YouTube.

Watch them at Musikkstuen Påfyll. Next performance on September 18. No cover.

Upcoming shows:
September 18
October 30
November 27


    The Masked Rider in How the West was Won(ky)

    BATS Theatre announces the upcoming panto written by our own Terry Thorpe!

    In the lawless town of Fumblewood, Dame Dillinger and her hapless son, Dick are doing their best to get by, despite the schemings of an evil rancher and his henchmen, hell bent on taking over the town. When the Fumblewood Stage and the Sheriff are ambushed, it falls to the hapless Deputy Dick to keep the peace. It seems all is lost until a mysterious masked stranger rides into town.

    Performances in January 2023 at Folken. Ticket information coming soon.